Will Schuuring

Published On: April 28, 2021Categories: MX3 Profiles, Rider Profiles

Name: Will Schuuring 143

Nickname: Willbur

Current age and Birthday: 16 years old, 23 October 2004

Hometown and State: Launceston, Tasmania

What is your day job? Apprentice Welder, fabricator

What was your first bike? DRZ 70

What bike/team/class did you ride for in 2020? RMZ 250, CycleWorld Suzuki

What bike/team/class are you riding for in 2021? RMZ 250, CycleWorld Suzuki

List your sponsors: Suzuki, CycleWorld, SPMX, Dunlop, Pro X Gold Acres, Agri Contracting

What has been your biggest achievement, racing highlight in your career? 2020 Tasmian Junior 250cc Champion

Do you have any race day superstitions? No

What is your ultimate goal in the sport? To race at National level

Describe yourself in 20 words: Love anything on two wheels

Fun or interesting fact about yourself: Started racing when I was 12-years-old

What social media platforms do you use: Instagram Willschuuring143

ProMX Championship // MX3 Pictured: Will Schuuring. Credit: Karl Phillipson/Optikal/


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