ProMX is the new home of professional motocross racing in Australia.

Motorcycling Australia (MA) are pleased and proud to usher in a new era in the Australian Motocross Championship with their management and promotion of ProMX.

As the premier Motocross Championship in the nation, the ProMX Championship heritage dates all the way back to the glory days of the sport with the Mr Motocross series in the 1980’s and the legendary riders such as Craig Dack, Stephen Gall and Jeff Leisk.

With the new lease of life on the series, our aim is to shine a light on our Australian talent within the series and help propel the riders, teams, our stakeholders and partners to a new level from 2021 and beyond.

The ProMX Championship has a long standing reputation as one of the leading domestic championships in the world. Attracting international riders and media coverage to a global audience, the series also acts as a successful development platform for young Australian talent to land in international series with a strong contingent of Australian riders currently competing (and landing on the podium) in the MXGP and AMA Motocross series.

ProMX is designed as a tiered system featuring three racing classes with MX3 providing an environment where juniors are able to safely graduate into the senior ranks aged 14 to under 18 with unique options for riders with exceptional talent and speed to then graduate early into the MX2 category, more in line with FIM international age groupings.

The professional level classes begin at MX2 where riders at 15 can enter the pro ranks, competing on 122cc to 150cc 2-Stroke & 200cc to 250cc 4-Stroke machines. The MX1 class is the elite category in the championship, seeing many factory backed teams field the nation’s elite athletes against visiting international competition on state of the art 450cc four stroke machines and 255cc and over two stroke machines.



2006 – Craig Anderson – No Fear Honda

2007 – Daniel Reardon – Kawasaki Racing Team

2008 – Jay Marmont – CDR Yamaha

2009 – Jay Marmont – CDR Yamaha

2010 – Jay Marmont – CDR Yamaha

2011 – Jay Marmont – CDR Yamaha

2012 – Josh Coppins – CDR Yamaha

2013 – Matt Moss – Motul Suzuki

2014 – Matt Moss – Motul Suzuki

2015 – Kirk Gibbs – KTM Racing Team

2016 – Dean Ferris – CDR Yamaha

2017 – Dean Ferris – CDR Yamaha

2018 – Dean Ferris – CDR Yamaha

2019 – Todd Waters – DPH Husqvarna


2006 – Ryan Marmont – KTM Racing Team

2007 – Jake Moss – Serco Yamaha

2008 – Luke George – Kawasaki Racing Team

2009 – Matt Moss – Rockstar Motul Suzuki

2010 – PJ Larsen – JDR Motorex KTM

2011 – Matt Moss – JDR Motorex KTM

2012 – Ford Dale – Carlton Dry Honda Racing

2013 – Luke Styke – Serco Yamaha

2014 – Luke Clout – Serco Yamaha

2015 – Jay Wilson – JCR Yamaha

2016 – Jed Beaton – DPH Yamaha

2017 – Egan Mastin – Davey Motorsport KTM

2018 – Wilson Todd – Serco Yamaha

2019 – Wilson Todd – DPH Husqvarna


2007 – Brendan Harrison

2008 – Tye Simmonds

2009 – Luke Styke – GYTR Yamaha

2010 – Joshua Cachia – MXRad Coastal KTM

2011 – Errol Willis – Raceline Suzuki

2012 – Kayne Lamont – CMR KTM

2013 – Hamish Harwood – CMR Red Bull KTM

2014 – Egan Mastin – Berry Sweet Husqvarna

2015 – Wilson Todd – Yamalube Yamaha

2016 – Mitch Evans – Yamalube Yamaha

2017 – Cody Dyce – Yamalube Yamaha

2018 – Bailey Malkiewicz – WBR Yamaha

2019 – Regan Duffy – Raceline KTM


Premier 450cc Open Class


Premier 250cc Lites Class


Under 18’s Development Class


Womens Open Class