In both applying for and in using ProMX Championship Media Accreditation you agree:

  1. That motorcycle sport is an inherently dangerous activity;
  2. To assume all risk of loss or damage in attending a ProMX event; and
  3. To the terms and conditions of MA’s waiver and indemnity available on the MA website (

The grant of ProMX Media Accreditation is at MA’s absolute discretion, noting:

Journalists: Accreditation is restricted to working media only covering the event that access is requested for, or to working media providing specific coverage of the ProMX series. Journalists may be required to provide examples of content previously published.

Photography: Accreditation will only be given to photographers representing official media outlets (publications or press-based websites) or at MA’s discretion. Additional terms and conditions document will be provided for successful applicants.

Filming: There will be no freelance film access. Film accreditation will only be provided on behalf of TV broadcasters, press websites and series sponsors, pending specific terms and conditions to be sent through upon application.

This form must be submitted at least one week prior to the ProMX event for which accreditation is sought to allow sufficient time for your assessment and processing of your application.

When using ProMX Media Accreditation you must:

  1. Comply with the ProMX Media Guidelines;
  2. Take all necessary steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them; and
  3. Comply with all policies, procedures, rules and regulations of MA (including but not limited to the GCR’s), of track owners and of the organiser of the ProMX event and comply with directions issued by MA Officials at the ProMX event; and
  4. Comply with the law.

Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the immediate revocation of your ProMX Media Accreditation and ejection from the venue.

ProMX Media Accreditation (and associated tabards or other items issued with that Accreditation) is not transferrable or able to be sold. Lost accreditation tabards must be reported immediately to MA. Replacement tabards will be issued at a cost of $30. Accredited media attending an ProMX event will be provided a vest which together with the tabard must be worn when on the track and returned at the conclusion of the event. Failure to return the vest will result in a replacement fee of $50.



MA recognises the value of recordings which are made of ProMX events. These Pro Media Guidelines are intended to provide some basic guidelines for media attending ProMX events whilst remembering that you are responsible for their own safety.


Individuals with or utilising Media Accreditation at ProMX events must at all times:

  1. follow the rules and regulations in relation to an Event;
  2. attend any relevant briefings organised at an Event;
  3. only be positioned where permitted by the Event and not in any prohibited areas;
  4. comply with all policies, rules and regulations of MA, track operators and Event operators and directions given by officials;
  5. comply with all signage, barriers and other markers noting where individuals should or should not be;
  6. be aware that motorcycles competing in an Event may:
    1. create or release projectiles and debris;
    2. not follow the marked or usual course; and
    3. dislodge safety barriers or other objects around them;
  7. be aware of their own safety;
  8. stand where they can easily move away from danger in the event of an incident, and avoid standing in front of embankments, culverts, walls, etc;
  9. carry and use correctly all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE);
  10. at tracks, remain behind first lines of protection. If not at a track and there is no first line of protection, stay behind an object which is reasonably able to provide protection;
  11. never step onto a track or other place where motorcycles will be moving at speed;
  12. not stand in areas where motorcycles may or are likely to run off their usual course in the event of an incident;
  13. not create a hazard or risk to others; and
  14. not obstruct signs and other items which have been put in place for the safety of the Event;
  15. know that their awareness of their surroundings may be affected when using a camera or other media device and ensure that they:
  16. stay alert, and are aware of their environment and their restricted peripheral vision and hearing when using some devices;
  17. ensure that they have a clear line of sight of riders and other hazards;
  18. be courteous and be respectful of those around them and in the recordings that they make;
  19. not intentionally make recordings which are:
    1. unwarranted or intrusive;
    2. illegal;
    3. indecent;
    4. an invasion of privacy;
    5. being used for voyeurism;
    6. of a critical incident (unless directed to do so by an official);
    7. protected by a court order (e.g. child custody or witness protection); or
    8. defamatory;
  20. cooperate with other media; and
  21. not bring MA or the sport of motor racing into disrepute; and be careful in recording and using images of children at Events and comply with the guidelines issued in relation to images of children by the Australian Sports Commission

ALL Media must fill out this submission form for each round of the series that they plan to attend.

You will be notified if your media request has been successful following the completion of the submission form.

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